Why i not purchase Dorico at this time

Scrolling pages to follow the playback
and no chords symbols
are very bad things for me.
In my opinion, the software is not ready for professionnals because of theses big details
Just that.
Waiting :slight_smile:

Why i purchase Dorico at this time:

I never liked the Finale user interface. It was painstaking to do anything with it. My last version was Finale 2004.

Sibelius was better, but when I needed to upgrade, Sibelius had just laid off their entire development team. After that, their updates were late and buggy and did not add any substantial features, but wanted Sibelius full upgrade money.

I have waited a long time for Dorico. I am grateful for what the Dorico team (former Sibelius team) has accomplished so far, and how they have applied the lessons from the past to make Dorico even more user-friendly for generating quality, beautiful scores. I know that Dorico is missing features, some of which are very important “show-stoppers” for others, but I believe that buying Dorico now will help fund future development of a product that is destined to overtake its competitors, and it will be the choice of professionals.

Just that.
Waiting, but very happy to get started to learn this new scoring tool and its new paradigms. :slight_smile: