Why i see some vst instruments in different windows?

Hi everybody i have 2 question about my cubase 7.5.3, on macbook pro 2014 version 10.9.5…

  1. When i open some vst instruments like sylenth1, korg ms20 and native instruments reaktor5… and some plugins like sonalksis… When i open it i see it in a very small window and i can’t edit it. only when i click on the vst small window i insert to a vst or plugins that i choose and the window grow up but leaves all the project in background and i can’t edit it at the same time with a different vst’s plugin automation whatever you can see it in this photos…
    This is the smalls windows:

When i click on the small sylenth1 window:

When i click on small sonalksis plugin is look like this:

And all of in the background i can’t edit at the same time with the plugins\vst its only in this vst’s. I can edit but its minimize back to a small window…
In different vst like massive, nexus waves plugins bundle and more i see the vst and plugin right and can work on project at the same time…
how i can fix it ??

  1. I have camelphat install on my computer i see it and work with it in a logic but in cubase i didn’t see this plugin what can be the reason for it ??

Thanks very much for help :slight_smile:

First make sure you have the latest version of the plug-ins available and, if possible, verify with the plug-in developer that they are compatible with C7.5.
Next thing to check is if this is a bridging issue. What bit version (32 vs. 64) of Cubase are you running and what bit version of the plug-ins are you running. The screenshots you posted remind me of some older plug-ins I have seen that, when bridged, don’t show the proper GUI. If you are using 64 bit Cubase try to get the 64 bit version of the plug-ins and make sure Cubase can not see the 32 bit versions (if they are on the computer).