Why I think a VCA fix should be sooner than "normal update"

So, do we get VCAs & El Cap for Xmas?

I’ll be surprised if we get any Xmas presents from Steinberg, even though we pay their wages :wink:

Hi guys,

I would like to start this short post by thanking you again for your feedback and your patience, and apologise for the inconveniences caused by the issues with the VCAs.

Now, a quick update on the status of this fix: We plan to release a small update (N7.0.35) before the end of the year - hopefully even before Christmas - addressing the most urgent issues like the conflicts with automation when using VCA faders and the quick analysis on the loudness track, among others. This update will be fully supported and, even though not every single problem will be fixed there, at least the most paramount ones will.

I will let you know as soon as we have a definite release date (we are still testing) and hope that all of you suffering from these odd-working VCAs will appreciate the effort we put in offering the best tools for your favourite software :slight_smile:

All the best

Wow! That is great news.

Thank you Luis, that’s really good to hear :smiley:

That does sounds good. I’m looking forward to buying N7 now.


Does that mean, I (we) have to wait of the new Cubase features (mainly seperatly punch in and out points) until Q2 2016 ???

Thank you Luis :slight_smile:

Thanks, Luis and company, for keeping us posted and for moving more quickly than the original timeline.

This thread is about correcting bugs. May I kindly suggest that you can start another thread about wanting new features. Those are 2 different concepts.

Oh thanks Luis, that’s nice of you to write, appreciated. And indeed, it is my very favourite DAW, and so are the people at Steinberg /Yamaha … really (we also know some of the others too well). Season’s best greetings to you all from (hot) Australia on summer break, making music.

Hi guys,

we have just released Nuendo 7.0.35 today! Please check here: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=240&t=90039

Please note that, even though the Steinberg offices are not officially “closed” during the Holidays, most employees are not going to be here at least until the first week of January (me included), so if you happen to come across any new issue we’ve missed (it can always happen), we won’t be able to react immediately. All our tests on this update were closed successfully, so we really don’t expect anything weird to happen, but one never knows.

Never the less, please use this thread, or create a new one exclusively to report any oddness you may find with this new update, and I will check it out first thing when I come back to the office. We really hope you are all satisfied with this newest Version of Nuendo.

Last but not least, to all of you reading this post, I wish you a Marry Christmas and all the best for the new year!

Thank you again for choosing Nuendo.

Thank you Luis !

Have a wonderful Christmas and new year’s eve ! See you next year…

Thanks to Steinberg for fixing some things and Luis for keeping us posted.

Merry Christmas!

Did you guys check this???

Ok, so last time this was a “high priority”, after having lived with the bug for four months, it took two full months to come out with a “fix” that didn’t fix the problem. I know you didn’t just work on one issue for that fix, so just how that was a “high priority” I’m not sure.

So, now what priority level is this on??? According to Guillermo we’re looking at:

somewhere in the middle of Q2.

Best regards,

That will make it a three months later. So if this was a HIGH priority before, and that took you two months, taking THREE months this time sure sounds like LESS of a priority than before, doesn’t it!?

It’ll be mid-May which is about as close as we can get to rounding it off to one year of a broken promised feature. One year.

You ask "Do you really believe we don’t care about our customer’s satisfaction? " and honestly, at this point I really don’t know. I see little evidence that you do. You can’t even spend 5 minutes to check if your fix actually works. 5 minutes it took me to check this. 5. No more. If you checked it, then you should have pulled your release or announced what didn’t work and plan/announce an immediate additional release. That is if you actually thought it was a “high priority”, and not just something you say to keep us quiet.

Three more months.

I paid for this you know. If you cared about my satisfaction as a customer then you’d put future development on hold and just fix the darn thing. But you’re not. I know you’re not. So, “care”? I doubt it. “Respect”? Absolutely not.

Let’s not forget mute functionality does not work. This alone stops me from using VCAs as much as I do want to make use of them.

I try to keep my posts as respectful and optimistic as possible. But I have to get this off of my chest:

Whoever is in charge of the VCA development portion of Nuendo should not be.

I’ve been making a living making music with computers since 1987. This is about as poor an effort as I’ve seen, as far as rolling out a new highly advertised feature. It’s one thing to have some teething problems with the initial release. It’s another level when the “fix” is nowhere near fixing it.

FWIW, I’ve been using VCAs since the early 80’s. Whoever is making plans and decisions regarding VCA development seems to lack a full understanding of these things. Sorry to be so critical, but seriously, this has all become a bit embarrassing hasn’t it?

Just kind of mind-boggled that I wrote the post below in October of last year, 7 months ago. The turnaround time on very important fixes together with the fragmenting directions of the various aspects of Nuendo is becoming seriously concerning to me.

Nuendo 7 was released Sept 16, 2015 with some extremely serious bugs that made heavily promoted new features mostly unusable and certainly less than professional. I’ll have to say that if the VCA functions are still broken, 8 months later, I’m going to have to think long and hard about spending money on future upgrades.

It has taken a lot to push me to this point, but that’s where I’m at. And one other thing. Based upon the glacial pace of fixes, there is noooooooooo way I would I go for a subscription model on Nuendo. No way. Not a reasonable proposition, given the state of progress on these sort of issues.

September? Try June 25th. It won’t have been an 8 month wait but 11 months!