Why in IOS Cubasis 3 not have in Audio the option of select output and input device like in ANDROID?

Hello, why in IOS Cubasis 3 dont have in Audio the option of select an output and input device?
This option is in ANDROID, and is ok… but in IOS make me a lot of problems cause i can not select a different device than the Cubasis like… i can understand why this option is not in IOS…

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Hello, is very simply, in ANDROID you could go to the configuration and then into de AUDIO option and select an OUTPUT DEVICE and you could select an INPUT DEVICE too, BUT i n IOS you don´t have this option… why not?
i want to select an input device like a lightning microphone and an output divice like a bluetooth headphones, like in ANDROID, but IOS don´t have this option…

Hi @Matruska,

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We may change the available options on iOS in a future update.

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