Why is ASUS P6T mobo so popular for Cubase DAW?


I’m about to build a new system, and while searching on the forum, I often come across the ASUS P6T serie, and I was wondering why it is so popular…

The problem is that they begin to be hard to find…

Should I really try to find and buy one, or is there a good ASUS substitute?

I’m planning to put a Intel i7 2600 on it…

Thanks for any advice!

I have this MB and its trouble free - but isnt it a bit old now? I have had mine approx 3 years

I’m for the Intel / Asus too.

Asus P9X79 Pro - I have i7 3930k processor

I Think ASUS boards are good quality boards, so they lend themselves to high end stuff like DAWs.

USB 3?

I went with the ASUS PT6-se because of the PCI slots for my echo mona card. Everything has worked just fine except the Echo card. It is a no go. So just a warning. though I see by your sig you don’t have echo.


Asus P9X79 Deluxe lotsa of usb options and good SSD drive support

Thanks for the replys!

Anyone has a modern and “tested to be stable” ASUS board to suggest?

I’ve been running an ASUS P9X79 Deluxe platform for a short while now and It’s Smokin’! :mrgreen:
I do have to point out that you have to practice due-diligence when researching and assembling the right components!!!

You can have an otherwise rock-solid system, only to be foiled by a flakey driver! So, the other components, such as your audio card, or other add-ons can also be (and usually are) a source of much frustration! :confused:

Look at my signature below… I can tell you that these components are working well so far, but this system wasn’t cheap! :open_mouth:

Check this motherboard carefully… It has no legacy PCI slots, but does have two PCIe 1x slots! You will have to take that into consideration if you plan to carry over any older components from your old DAW! Also no onboard Firewire, but you can add that on!