Why is audio tempo in Pool different from Project

I’ve got a Project that is set to a fixed Tempo of 133. Yesterday I overdubbed a guitar part which played back just fine. Then I selected the audio in the Project Window and set it to Musical Mode. Now the timing on the playback was all messed up. So I look in the Pool and see the Tempo on the file is set to 121.8. After changing it to 133 all is well.


…it got me wondering why on earth the tempo on the file got set to 121.8 and not 133 in the first place? After all it was recorded at a fixed tempo of 133 from a project set to that tempo.

Glad it’s not just me…though my last one was set at 120bpm even though the whole project had been recorded at 135.

Difference pretty much fits relation 44.1k/48k - any conversion of sample rate done?

No, this was recorded directly into the Project using its sample rate. Also a sample rate mismatch typically results in a pitch shift too.

Yesterday I tracked a bunch of vocals in this same Project. Looking at the Pool all of them had their tempo set to “???” (fair enough) but as soon as I enabled Musical Mode the tempos changed to actual numbers. None of these were the same and ranged in value from about 86 to 128. Oddly none of the dozen or so files had a tempo of 133 (the actual Project tempo) or above.

My thought was possibly if project files had been converted since they were recorded, or similar, but if you say it’s not - strange.
Relation tempos is on the third decimal same ratio as 44.1/48 - a coincidence?

But could be a bug how Cubase calculate it regarding this-when you shift to musical.
There were another confirmed bug and reported by Steve regarding Detection of Temp that only worked for 44.1k.

I think that must just be a coincidence. Another file was 80.6, so 80.6/133=0.6060

I alway found it strange that i have to open the audio pool and change tempo for some audio files.
They should be at the tempo I recorded them.
I can’t find any relation to the wrong tempo being used, so I just edit them and have done so for as long as I can remember.
Did this ever work ?