Why is Auto-scroll not working the same as in Cubase 8?

Auto-scroll in Cubase 10 acts differently than Cubase 8.
In cubase 10, with Stationary cursor mode selected, when I stop scrolling (playback) and move project cursor to a different position either to the right or left side of the window, the ruler does not move so that the cursor is set to the middle of the window.
In Cubase 8, the project cursor would always be in the middle of the window.


I don’t know why, but I can confirm the page jumps so the cursor is in the centre at the moment of hit Play. In Cubase 8 it jumped to the centre at the moment of move the cursor.

Hi Martin. So in Cubase 10, is there a setting that will make the cursor stay at the center of the screen at all times, regardless of where it’s moved to on the timeline?


I haven’t found any settings to make it working the same way as it was in Cubase 8.