Why is Camel Audio in the VST Plugin Zone?

I use Cubase because they consistently bring new ideas to the table that add something to the music i make (psytrance) that no other DAW company can touch. Stuff like Note Expression, VST 3 and now 3.5 and Dynamics. It is on that note as to why I have made this post. I bought CamelSpace because of its ability to create psychedelic music and sounds that no other plugin in its field can touch. On steinberg’s website in the VST plugin zone is a list of companies who, I am guessing support there cubase only exclusive VST software in DAW ablilities. Sadly though of all the companies who are listed, and there are many, most are VST 3 ready but sadly Camel Audio is not one of the them? Do Camel Audio plan to implement this in the future? Seriously it would add so much more depth to an already awesome plugin. If they don’t plan it, then for what reason are they listed in the Cubase VST plugin zone? Is there any features in cubase that Camelspace software can take advantage of that I am not aware of?
Can somebody enlighten me on this?
eagerly awaiting a fingers crossed positive response on this.
thank you