Why is CC1 buried deep in the automation menu?

For those of us who do a lot of composing in Nuendo, CC1-Modulation and CC11-Expression are some of our most important parameters. Yet, they are buried as deep as possible in the automation parameters menu. Is there a way to customize this menu that I haven’t found??

This seems silly to me, and it makes things extremely tedious when you have to traverse through these menus every time you want to change automation for a virtual instrument track. Perhaps I am going about this in an unintended way, since I am coming to Nuendo from Pro Tools.

This type of menu is very outdated imho.
You could use the search function though, but still…

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All seasoned Nuendo-users feel the same as you do. As a workaround it’s quite common to rely on the (equally well-hidden) “Reveal Parameter on Write” option that’s available in the Automation Panel. Quick’n’dirty solution for immediate access. :slight_smile:

Settings Tab

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I agree that menu setup is clumsy.

But there are two ways of managing Controller data in Nuendo.

You can indeed use the automation lanes for this kind of data but Controllers can also be managed using the controller lanes of the MIDI editor, found below the note events display in the Key editor, Drum editor etc… using this method the controller data is more immediately accessible in one simple menu when clicking on an existing lane or adding a new lane.

Of course bur that only works for midi/music contexts. Or can we do that on audio tracks as well?

Was assuming this was in a music/MIDI context since OP’s first post says: For those of us who do a lot of composing in Nuendo

Anyway, regardless, the options described may be of some use to the OP.

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sorry did not mean to make it sound like your answer is not helpful.
was only trying to point out that it is not a solution for the broader user base.