Why is Cubase not pasting at locator position

I’m trying to figure out why, when I copy an audio region and then move my locator to the desired position, does it not paste at the locator start?

Instead, Cubase is pasting the audio region so the END of the region is at my locator position. Makes no sense…

I’ve never had this problem before, it came out of nowhere. Please advise.

Screenshots attached.

I think it pastes the snap point of the event, which is usually at the beginning, to the cursor. But maybe the snap point got moved to the end somehow?

a) How could the snap point have been moved and b) how do I move it back?

I don’t know how it may have been moved or if it was actually moved but look in the sample editor to see if it was moved and if so, move it back.
It may not be that at all… just something to check.