Why is Cubase so slow in processing compared to some other

Why is Cubase Pro 8.5 so slow in loading samples and Processing Audio data , even just dissolve a Midi drum track took me 2 minutes of waiting , I am using an i3 (4th Gen ) 16 Gb RAM and a AMD 8 core PC , 32 GB RAM , 3 X 7200 Rpm , separate drives for Vsti/s OS, and audio rendering .
My friends old old core 2 duo note book 3 gb RAM , loads samples in FL studious as well as processes audio in lightening milliseconds , as well as amazing sound quality with out any sound card , just the on board sound .why is FL studio ver 11 and Ver 12 , so so very fast in everything it does ,it really amazed me, i always though of it as a toy , but not any more after i saw the ease of use and the speed involved, just that its more EDM oriented , which aint exactly my style …PS more over his versions are not even legal versions , n he loads samples from Ominsphere , also @ lightening speeds , .would really like to know this thanks ws


  1. Cubase 8.5 is not compatible with Win Vista.
  2. Probably your system is not optimised for the audio processing.

MY friend he was using win 7 , not sure 32 or 64 bit ,
on point 2. strange , been using Cubase since the Atari days .
didnt mean to criticize Steinberg , which i really like very much , my point is is there some other faster software engine algorithms, out there , then SB should switch to that … but what i seen , was extremely fast processing …
unless Cubase is really doing a lot in the back ground … ws