Why is Cubasis 3 more expensive in the UK?

I was about to upgrade from Cubasis 2 and buy Cubasis 3 but noticed it is $49.99 in the US. I read it was 40 euro in Europe but in the UK it is £48.99 . Why is that? With the current exchange rates It should be £38.37

It’s 55€ in Europe actually.

British self punishment for Brexit is expected somewhat later :slight_smile:

Ok…but that means Europe is being hit hard as well.

If it is because of Brexit…why is Europe being penalised compared to the US…What have they done? …:wink:

Hi Neroangelo, Hi all,

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do, since price conversions are fully handled by Apple.


Thanks for the reply Lars. But, can’t you offer discounts for certain geoographic areas? I have seen other apps offer discounts in the US but not Europe.

Hi Neroangelo,

From what I know, discounts can be only granted globally in the App Store.
Regarding the original price conversion topic, please get in touch with Apple.

Thank you,

US is plus sales tax usually, don’t forget. In UK the VAT is included in those quoted prices.

True…but…that depends on state and some states don’t charge tax on digital downloads…also…even if the highest tax rate was 10% that would mean it should still only cost £42.24.

The point is that we pay 20% on ALL items - so that’s where the bulk difference is, Apple/Steinberg can’t avoid that sadly. Which states do and don’t charge sales tax really has nothing to do with it from our perspective as we’re under the global VAT umbrella that’s slapped on.

They also have to pay for healthcare don’t forget, so the whole VAT debate is much bigger than this forum can handle. :slight_smile:

48.99 - 20% VAT = 39.19.

VAT on luxury goods (Cubasis qualifies) in the UK is 17% and added into the price. The US pays sales tax, added on after the price, based on where you live (it’s a state/local tax). Where I live, my sales tax rate is 4%. I have never seen a total US sales tax higher than 10%. Hence, cheaper in the US.