Why is cursor jumping to closest bar when I hit record?

Switching over from C5 to C6 and never had this issue before. Snap is turned off even. Is it in preferences somewhere?


Me too. How do I turn this off?

Anything to do with Punch in/out? (look at the settings at left of the transport bar) Type of Project: New or from a template? Could be something embedded in a template maybe?

Yeah it started when I switched over to C6 so its a default pref somewhere…didn’t have that problem in C5. I’ve had no luck saving my C5 prefs and dragging em to the C6 folder either :imp:

You could try trashing the C6 Preferences and then see if the C5 prefs will travel or just start Cubase 6 and see if it’s fixed.

C5 does this as well.

Try turning off precount from the transport menu.


Yeah but I like using precount. I’m pretty sure that I’ve used precount before and didn’t have to worry about the cursor jumping to the previous bar.

Turn off Snap (the #-looking icon on top).