Why is Direct Offline Processing Linked to Timeline

It seems that the DOP is linked to the timeline.

Can we unlink it?

Please see short video. :slight_smile:



I don’t think this is Direct Offline Processing specific. My guess is the very same behaviour is, if you use the plug-in as Insert effect. Different behaviour might be, if you would use it as ARA plug-in.

Actually I would even say, it’s on the plug-in side. I don’t know if you can pass the Audio Event Start position to the plug-in. If yes, then the plug-in is responsible to take this position as starting point, not the project start. If you can’t pass tis information to the plug-in (by VST plug-in specification), then the plug-in developer has no choice and the VST specification would need to change.

Thanks Martin.

I’d notice now that it does behave the same way in Logic X.