Why is Dorico altering my chord symbol?

Hi, Newbie here, just finding my feet.
I am creating a lead sheet that calls for a Gdim chord symbol, when I type this into the lead sheet , it shows Gmb5 which although technically the same triad, I tend to associate with half diminished chords C Eb Gb Bb7 where as a true diminished chord is e.g. C, Eb, Gb, A.
How does Dorico Deal with this?
When improvising I would treat a Dim Chord in C as having a A natural (or B double flat), where as i would treat a half diminished as a Dim triad with a flat 7.



In Dorico, what you type into the Chord popover is not what appears in the score. This can sometimes be maddening when you can’t find the proper syntax or settings to have what you want appear, but think of the popover as the command to get the chord symbol, not the literal chord symbol itself. The chord symbol itself is determined by your Engraving Options settings. (Unless you have specified overrides.)

For the G dim triad in your example, you likely have the “minor flat 5” option selected here:

Change that to the circle or the text “dim” if that’s what you want. You will still type Gdim into the popover though, and your choices here will determine what is displayed in the score.

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Got it thanks!

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