Why is Dorico always "losing" context?

I’m asking myself if I’m the only one being a little unhappy about Dorico often losing context.


  • While in Write mode, switching from one tab to another (e.g. Full Score to a single instrument) ends up at a completely different place in the score.
  • Switching from Write mode to Engrave mode ends up at a different place.
  • Switching from Play mode back to Write mode ends up at a different place.

In my opinion, my actions are based on the current context. If I write something and want to change something in Engrave mode, I would expect to stay in the same part at the same place.

Are there any known workarounds for this behaviour?


Which version of Dorico 4 are you using? (See Menu-help/about Dorico )


If you select a note, pressing W should focus in on that note. Also, another workaround is to press P (for play) and P again quickly to stop will take you to the selected note.

Yes, I agree. You lose context switching tabs, and I find it particularly frustrating moving to/from the key editor in Write mode. The zoom keeps resetting. It’s also frustrating that I can’t set a default zoom of 125% in Write. With this, and the loss of mouse-over, loss of the dynamics lanes and weird dynamics artefacts, I’m back in D3.5 most of the time. Dorico is a great product, but it seems odd to have a major upgrade that lacks features of its predecessor.

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I tried this with an orchestral score in v.3.5, highlighting a single bar and centering it in Write Mode. Changing to Engrave Mode or vice versa, the bar stays centred. The same is true in v.4.0.31.

However, when I switch from Page to Galley or vice versa in v.3.5, the selected bar aways moves. In version 4.0.31, it stays in the same position.

In v.4.0.31, switching to a different layout does not display the section with the selected bar.


You can set the default zoom level on the General page of Preferences.

No, it goes from 100% to 150%. Rather coarse granularity. 125% works best for me as well.


No, unless I’m missing something…

It is possible to set a default zoom of 125% by hacking the preferences.xml file. On Windows, this file is located in the folder “C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Dorico 4”. Search for defaultZoomLevel and set the value to 125.


it might be a better idea to consider adding a “user defined” zoom option to a future update of Dorico, rather than requiring hacking of a file.

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Hacking adds a new meaning to this term…

Yes, fair enough: we will at some point look into making it possible to specify an arbitrary default zoom level in Preferences.