Why is Dorico ignoring the key signature?

I have 4 flats in my key signature and when I input this root-less Fmin-maj7, Dorico writes a G#

Chord from bottom to top is E, G, Ab, C.

How do I fix this?

How are you inputting the notes? Using a MIDI keyboard? When inputting via MIDI keyboard Dorico determines the spelling based on musical context, so is there any preceding music that would lead Dorico to think it should be using a G# rather than an Ab?

Hi Daniel,
Yes, MIDI keyboard. Beat 1 of bar one, so there’s no preceding context. Strange!

Thank you!

I’ve tried this myself and I get the same result. I think having the E natural at the bottom of the chord tricks Dorico into thinking that you’re playing some kind of augmented chord on top of E. If you fix the spelling of the G# once, Dorico should take the hint and spell it as Ab after that.

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Thanks Daniel. It seems to cotton on for a bar or two, then forget. Oh well. Got the chart done regardless. Appreciate your help.