why is every midi channel playing on my Mono Evolver


Before I get the obvious answer, yes I have the Mono Evolver set to a specific channel.

Here is the strange part…

I am using a Korg Kronos as my controller, an Access TI desktop and a Mono Evolver. There are no issues at all with the Korg or Access.

Both the Korg and Access are being accessed via USB to USB and the Evolver uses an UM-1 USB to Midi converter.

If I select a new track and assign it to UM-1 (being the Evolver) and set Cubase track to say Midi channel 3 but then set the Evolver itself to Midi channel 15 I am unable to produce any sound when playing the controller. This is the way it should be. If I change the Evolver to Midi channel 3, voila, I can hear the Evolver… now the part I can’t fix.

When I play back a song the Evolver tries to play all the notes from all the channels from both the Virus and Kronos.
Even If I am just playing the Korg or Virus, no matter what the Midi track, the Evolver plays as well. I’ve even tried assigning the Evolver to a specific Midi track and then not using it on the other keyboards. It doesn’t seem to matter as the Evolver plays every midi channel (even though it is set to channel 3 in this example).

I’ve been told that it is an issue with the way things are set up in Cubase but i can’t figure out where I can fix it. My current solution is to leave the Mono Evolver turned off but that becomes a pretty expensive resting place for my snacks.

Thanks for any advice or direction.

You have (as a basic example, involving all three devices) three MIDI Tracks (one for each device), with each MIDI Track set to a different Output Routing (MIDI Port)?

FYI: The MIDI Channels do not matter (in terms of three distinct devices) as long as the Output Routing is set to different MIDI Ports. The MIDI Channels only come into play when using multiple devices on the same Output Routing (MIDI Port) or if a device responds to multiple MIDI Channels (e.g. your Virus TI).

So what you’re saying is I’ve never set up my output routing properly. To be honest I have only been using the Kronos and Virus and never experienced any problems until I added the Evolver. Why would my Kronos and Access have experienced the same problem before this though?

I do not know how you setup your Output Routing…

What I was asking was, if you tried creating three MIDI Tracks, each respective Output Routing set to a unique MIDI Port. Try that and see if that takes care of your problem.

While I agree with you, I’m having a hard time understanding how the OP could get the symptoms he’s describing no matter how things are setup. He says he has two pieces of hardware (each on diferent MIDI ports) playing back simultaneously. So somehow the MIDI is being sent out on 2 ports at the same time. Within Cubase you can set it up for no connection or a single connection, but not 2+ connections.

I wonder if the OP has MIDI Yoke or equivalent installed doing routing outside of Cubase.

Or perhaps he actually recorded the same MIDI data to more than one MIDI track, and they are each set to different midi output ports.


Could you please add screen shots for each of the three inspectors (for each of the three tracks) showing the Input/Output Routings and MIDI Channel settings?
(Alt + Print Screen captures the active Window, or Ctrl + Print Screen for the desktop, I believe, if Windows.)