Why is Internal Dithering greyed out on the first slot?

Hello experts!

I´m testing Wavelab´s Dithering options and noticed that “internal dithering” can´t be loaded on the first insert slot of the “Final Effects” panel.


I’m not familiar with a plugin called “Internal Dithering” but it might help to show us a screen shot of what you’re seeing.

It could have something to do with how in the WaveLab preferences you can control which plugins are available in which part of the master section as you see in my screen shot:

Thank you for the swift reply. Yes, I did know how to make plugins available on the final effects section.

Here is the screenshot. The plugin IS available on insert slot 2, but not on the first slot.

And no, the plugin isnt greyed out because there is already another plugin loaded on the same slot. Weirdly enough, “internal dither” can be loaded on slot 2, WHILE AT THE SAME TIME HAVING ANOTHER PLUGIN LOADED ON THE SAME SLOT.

How is it that “internal Dithering” can be activated in a slot that already has a loaded plugin on it?

Thanks again! :smiley::smiley:

Only PG will know the real answer but I’m guessing internal dithering is only on slot 2 because you typically want dither to be the very last thing after all processing is done.

I have honestly never noticed the internal dithering option before.

I agree it’s strange, but maybe it’s intentional Internal Dither is only available in the second slot. And you’re right, you can load Internal Dither in the second slot if there’s a plugin there already. But it replaces the plugin, they’re not both loaded at that point. You can test it by loading an extreme plugin in slot 2 and then loading Internal Dither. The first plugin will not still be there in the processing or in the chain if you select to view the master section plugin chain window.

Weirdly enough, “internal dither” can be loaded on slot 2, WHILE AT THE SAME TIME HAVING ANOTHER PLUGIN LOADED ON THE SAME SLOT.

This is not true. If you select the Internal Dither plugin, it will replace the last plugin.

The logic of the internal dither at the last slot, is this one:
WaveLab “knows” the internal dither is a about dither (while it might not know if some thirst party dithering are about dithering or not). Therefore, it does not make much sense to allow it at the 1st slot.

Mmh, that may be true IF there is anything in the first slot. But if there’s nothing there and the only thing I want to load in the Final Effects section is Internal Dither - it is unavailable. I wouldn’t look to find it in the second slot in that case.

I agree with Arjan. I thought Internal Dither had been removed from the program because I couldn’t find it, was looking for it in the Steinberg plugin folders selections (where I thought it would be along with the other Steinberg plugins if it was there), saw nothing and didn’t notice the greyed entry up top in Slot 1. I never would have thought to look at Slot 2 to find an un-greyed selection if hesca116 hadn’t said it was there.

This sometimes catches me out, too. But I know well that dither is only meaningful as the last process, so that reminds me quick enough!


Ok, I guess it does make sense to disable internal dither on the first slot because dither has to be the very last thing on your chain.

Sounds reasonable enough to me!

Thanks guys!