Why is it so hard to find a video driver?!?! [SOLVED]

I bought dual monitor video card, an ATI Radeon HD2400 VGA< 256MB PCIe X16…used from ebay, and at the end of the description, it say’s HP, Dell. I asked the seller if it’ll work in a self built computer and he said yes. It DOES actually work just fine. But after installing all drivers, except for this one last item…this dual video card, I can’t seem to find one. Even a driver disk I have that’s listed for another video card I have, ‘Gigabyte RADEON 2400 dual video card’ doesn’t seem to install the drivers…funny, because I have another machine I built (not the original machine with that card) that was an ATI Radeon 2400, which WAS able to install drivers from this same driver disk.
Going on line, all I see are some ‘applications’ that make you install on your computer, and THEN they are supposed to look for the right drivers. And these sites, although they claim to say “official drivers” the link on google says “Ad” SUSPICIOUS! Tried to go directly to an ATI site, all once again all I see are these ‘applications’ or ‘driver finders’. Since I’ve spent a portion of my evening last night without success, I’m considering ‘temporarily’ hooking it up to the internet…which I HATE doing…and selecting to let the computer search the net for drivers…but I’m half expecting I’ll run into these damn driver finder apps!

I’m also wondering two things…

  1. what if I just don’t install a driver for the video card at all? It seems to work fine without it!
  2. being the cards listing had “Dell & HP” at the end of the description, was it manufactured to NOT be able to get a driver for it, if NOT on a DELL or HP? I would think that would be the case, but this is just getting stupid. :unamused:

It’s an old card from 7-8 years ago. AMD have a legacy section but it only seems to include more expensive cards like the 7000 series, so I doubt you can find that driver online. But if it works with Windows built-in graphic drivers at the resolution you need, then why bother? The only thing it probably can’t do is 3D gaming. But then again, if that’s what you need it for, it’s definitely not a good choice.

Thanks Indigo, it’s odd that the same/similar cards (all ATI 2400 series) were able to install in 2 other machines. All are ATI 2400’s, though the 1st (bought new 6/7 years ago) was labled Gibyte, the other I bought 2 years ago (used) was able to use drivers from the new cards drivers disk, but this third one…also ATI an 2400. Well, I guess that’s why they were selling it for like $14.00. I’ve just always made sure as a matter of practice that in my Devices there were no yellow marks …but if this isn’t really a problem then I may leave it be.

No, no use for games, no internet use, no office use, just a spare/back up music DAW computer I put together with all older components (new case) for very cheap.

After posting this, and having spent hours searching for a driver on line that I could try to load via my USB stick - as I always do for everything on music computers - I decided to lug the tower from my music room, over to my Ethernet location in my living room. the FIRST thing I get was that Win XP (what I put on this music machine) is “out of date” and prevents me from even getting on the internet! :unamused: After jumping through hoops, I finally get connected. I tried the automatic option for searching for a driver on-line, nothing. I then download that STUPID application from what ever site is ‘posing’ as ATI and install this ‘driver finder’ thing…still didn’t help, but it ‘scans’ my computer, and now wants me to update OTHER things within the computer, things that are not labled PCIe or video card drivers, but wants me to up date things for PCI to PCI bridge & PCI to USB bridge :confused: this app looks very suspicious, and very much like some kind of spyware, meant to sort of look official.

Now I’ll have to uninstall this app…and hope I didn’t infect this machine and have to reformat & reinstall Windows, and all the other drivers again :unamused:

So it’s looking more & more like I may have to just not install any driver for it.

Oh and PS, last night I did go to that AMD site and download THEIR app (forget what it’s called) to try and get a driver installed, no go either.


This is the windows 7 64bit


This is 32bit one

Oh sorry i see your looking for an xp driver my bad

Xp 32bit

For crying out loud, Zapper … do us all a favor and just buy a new computer.


I know you like jackin’ around with things for the sake of jackin’ around with things … but, still …

Wouldn’t it be easier just to get rid of all your humpin’ dinosaurs and have one machine that will do what you need?

Maybe that would be too simple.

Maybe you would have too much time to make music instead of rambling on endlessly about pre-2000 technology?

Oh, my God (can I say that word here ?).

I love you like you were my own butt baby, but I have to draw the line somewhere.

Don’t make me dig up the picture of you and your son and a baseball bat …


Thanks Andy, that did the trick :slight_smile: No more yellow exclamation mark, and in Device Manager I actually see my test video monitor recognized/listed! I had downloaded something from this same AMD site, but I must have downloaded the wrong driver the other night.

Your welcome glad to help