Why is jbridge better than vstbridge

  1. Why is it that "j’ can manage to write a better bridging software than Steiny can, when Steiny invented Cubase?
  2. Why doesn’t Steiny just buy J-bridge to save the embarrassment?

My 2 cents

The VSTbridge might be strict about how the plug ins behave to minimize instability (witch is quite a paradox since the bridge seem to crash whenever it finds a plug in that it cannot load, and I’ve never gotten a plugin automatically into the blacklist so I have to find all the bad ones manually), while the jbridge is more forgiving.
The reason why Steinberg wouldn’t want to license jbridge or allow the VSTbridge to loosen up is simply to put some pressure on developers to actually produce 64 bit versions of their plug ins. And I salute this, even though some of my absolute favourite plug ins have stopped working, there will be new ones and I’d choose insane amounts of memory over software sentimentality any day.

This is just speculation…


A little off topic maybe, but can anyone tell me how I can use old VST plug-ins like “Reverb A” , Hypersonic 2, etc…

Check your original post.


I think the same as the op.

i also doubt the fact that Steinberg purposely neglect the development of VSTBridge in order to hurry along 3rd party developers. They do actually market VST Bridge as a perfect bridging tool in order to gather up those remaining faithful to the 32 bit existence.

IN other threads i too have questioned how Jbridge is capable of that steinberg are not. Its clearly an area in need of development.

You’re probably right, I just enjoy a good conspiracy theory now and then!


If you look at the threads on KVR you will see that J is very actively engaged with each and every customer to solve all of their problems. By listening to every single bug report and building a more advanced set of options that can be enabled for many different situations, he has done the opposite of vstbridge, which attempts to just work transparently.

His model works fine for people like us who follow forums and understand how to use the different settings. But it’s far from transparent.

Even though I’m a jBridge customer I still believe that Steinberg should be focused on the future, not the past. If you need back compat, just pay j $20.

My last few 32bit plugs will go 64 next month (T-racks).

i don’t know. i bought jbridge to use in 64 bit win7. it caused more problems than it solved. i specifically bought it to allow me to use wizooverb w2 and w5 and the grand.
with wizooverb it didn’t work.
i got all my plugins working with vst bridge though.
so i have jbridge installed but not really using it.
no doubt it will come in handy for something!

As I said in another post, for me, everything works with vst bridge except for Waves and so I use Jbridge just for my Waves plugins.

Does the Steinberg VST Bridge work well in bridging UAD2 (32-bit) VST Plug-ins in Cubase 6 (X64-bit) ? or do I still need to buy jBridge for the UAD plug-ins ?

UAD plug-ins are the only 32-bit VSTs I plan to use, everything else is 64-bit !


update; i just bought waves vocal rider (on ebay, genuine for £70 less than UK price in a download version!). doesn’t work in 64 bit cubase with vst bridge, but seems ok with jbridge…

Has anyone here tried running a UAD-2 DSP card on a 64 bit OS with C6? I have read elsewhere that there are no good solutions yet.

i’m using 2 uad1 cards in c6 64 bit win 7 with no obvious problems yet, sltough only for testing. still using 32 bit xp day to day.ed

Thanks for the feedback.

I contacted UA tech. support, and asked the tech. support rep. the same question, his answer was that although their UAD plug-ins are still 32-bit, they do work fine in Cubase 5 and 6 via the Steinberg VST bridge, (no need for Jbridge).

I’m still waiting for my custom configured PC (with UAD-2 Quad card) to be deliver in the next couple of weeks, so I have no way of testing this at the moment. But I trust UA Tech. statement.

Oh well… If it works, that’s great news, since UAD VSTs are the only 32-bit VSTs I need to use in C6 (64-bit) Windows 7. All other VSTs I will be using are 64-bit for PC :slight_smile:

Interesting. Post an update when you find out for sure.

I’m using UAD quad card w/64 Bit Win7 and Cubase 6 (64bit). Works great haven’t had any issue at all

Lucky you! I have to wait until Waves decides to update to 64 bit and will undoubtedly have to pay HUGE WUP fees…

I feel for ya… but I’ve heard on this forum that Waves jBridges well… so it might be worth the $20 for jBridge for the time being. Waves is WAY late on their x64 port it seems.

Same here, I received my new :sunglasses: UAD Solo card a couple of days ago, also added the UA Precision Limiter to it, so far no problems whatsoever using VST Bridge, I’m impressed!

@ Eddie, my WizooVerb2 works ok with jBridge, the only aspect which does not work, is saving customised presets in .vstpreset format, W2 just does not see them. However, customised presets are saved, and do open fine within any given project.