Why is loading VST effect presets interminably slow?

It’s always been this way for me. across installs, versions and systems. I’ve got a simple Steinberg Tone Booster plugin with 12 factory presets and clicking on the preset browser it takes about 5-6 seconds while it’s “scanning” results, until those 12 presets appear. Even if I do so again immediately after it’s the same.

I’d assumed this is related to some Mediabay preferences or somesuch. I’ve trashed those, rebuilt databases time and again, but this always happens. It’s like its gotta scan half my system every time I open the preset browser just to view a handful of presets for plugin. this is for Steiny stuff or 3rd party. To the point where I now thank the Gods of Music Production for plugins that have their own internal browsers, as they open instantly.

Thoughts? Am I just missing something really basic?

Just tested ToneBooster and the preset changes are instant, at least, using the plug-in UI Load previous/Load next program arrows. Using the Mediabay like list, which is displayed almost immediatly, and selecting any of the 12 .vstpreset available, it is loaded in more or less one second, here.

How many overall entries do you have in MediaBay ? Here, using All Medias on the left zone and Logical > Any attributes in the central pane, I have 24444 results. Maybe worth checking what is included in your database and doing a complete MediaBay rescan, after having eventually take out of it the paths/locations not used.

I have 100,000, which is the default max results, or at least what I’ve set to default max. I’ve bumped this up before as I realistically have several hundreds of thousands of files across drives in the mediabay. But why is the preset list scanning every time I open it just to find specific plugin presets? I mean I close it, then immediately click on it again and it scans again before listing those presets.

Surely, this is not a trade-off between using the mediabay to manage all your sounds assets and this awful lag?

In any case, trashing Mediabay prefs and rebuilding the database does not change this behaviour for me.