Why is Media Bay so weird ??

I’ve bought several cool soundpacks with finished loops that I wanted to try… but ohh… importaning that into cubase media bay was obsviously a challenge… (??) why ?? how can such a basic thing that I wanna have my own samples instead of just steinbergs is a thing I have to be searching around internet for half an hour without any answer ? Am I missing something very obvious here or what ? or have they made this deliberately unneccesarily pain in the ass so we just use steinberg stuff ? I just dont get it… why have they made such a basic function a mystery ?

I’m using cubase 9 btw

Am I missing something very obvious here or what ?

Who knows…Did you copy the files to your drive already?
So if you use MB file explorer to find the folder you put them in and tick the box next to it does this not add them to mediabay??

A couple of years back I hated the media bay then one day I made my mind up to get my head around it. I now find it very quick and like the way you can filter say just the audio files or Kick drums or midi files, etc.

The answer to your question is, find the folders that you have added using the browser on the left of the MB and scan these folders. The new files will show up in the MB.

My hate for media bay has just started. I’m getting really pissed off that something so incredibly basic has to take me a god damn hour while I should be sitting making music.
Nothing happens when I rescan the folder that i’ve put in the harddrive. It just shows nothing. When I look at it in exxplorer its full of sounds and loops wav. but media bay shows its completely empty… ughhhhhh

Could you post a screencap maybe?

I finally managed to get the files to show up in media bay when I press f5, but that neat little feature on the right side, nope, can’t see it there. But at least i can use the files now… thats something. I wish I could have it on the right side of that little MB window aswell, would make it so much faster. But it doesn’t show up there

You can create new Defined Location.
Select folder on the left, click Add, give it a name.

It won’t show as thumbnail but you will be able to access it from the Media Bay rack in project window.

  • organise your samples maybe by date or type?
  • its always better to make your own loops than use others
  • it takes like 2 hours to learn media bay – once you learn it workflow triples in speed

yeah I’ve never used loops before, always wrote everything. This is the first time I’ve needed to use sampler like this and discovering media bay was at first annoying, but now it seems poweful and I’m just scratching the surface like a child. Any good tutorials you recommend ?

Maybe your using MB’s filters by mistake, to screen out your files - that’s why you cant find them.

hmm that doesn’t sound impossible, How do I fix that ?

In the results pane, make sure All Media Types is shown on the left hand side. Make sure you don’t see red in the search - delete all entry to see all.