Why is Mediabay so much slower compared to

Live’s soundbrowser? Why does it seem to scan each time I open a folder? It takes several seconds until the results are there. In Live it’s just a split second. Are there any plans to optimize it?
It’s the same with plugin presets. Why does it take so many seconds to show just a folder of preset files?
Or am I the only one with this issue?

Need to know that too…its so anoying,that i dont use it anymore!!!

Did you go through and make sure just DAW related folders were checked? Did you let it finish a complete scan of those folders?

Oh, and Mediabay is more of a database. Sound and Loop browsers should be used for auditioning, etc.

Yes, I only scanned folders that contain DAW relevant data.
Yes, I completed the scan. No red folders in the tree.
At first sight Loop Browser is as slow and only allows me to filter via criteria. That would mean I would have to tag thousands of sounds first but before I can do that I would have to listen to them all. Weird. I just want to step through samples in folders, you know.
And I don’t get it why calling a list of plug in presets is so slow.

Funny. I’m getting reports that Live’s a lot slower.

You have to take time setting up high end DAWs to get everything to work as it should. The choices are individual and the programmer does not know which way any given end user will want to set up the program which is why it’s not pre-programmed for everyone. Too many would complain.

Funny inded.

I don’t know. Any OS will show you the files in a folder within a split second. Why Cubase keeps on scanning is a mystery to me.

Why Cubase keeps on scanning is a mystery to me.

You have to set it up for your own individual use. I think that’s what Mr Mittens said as well.
Live is a tape recorder compared to Cubase’s 1000+ track studio (yes I am exaggerating :slight_smile:) .
It’s not instant gratifcation. Connections need making, setup and operational decisions have to be made.
Don’t install the (virtual) mixing desk, tape machine & furniture until you’ve laid the carpets and painted the walls. :mrgreen:
Unfortunately not always made clear with Cubase.

Ok and how would you set up Mediabay for an individual use? I mean, there is nothing like “stop scanning” in its options.

There’s a Pref to stop MB scanning when closed. Make sure it’s not checked.

:confused: I know this option but I don’t see how this will help. As I have said, my scan of DAW relevant data has been finished. Major changes on my samples drive don’t happen so often so there shouldn’t be much to scan after the big database has been established.
To clarify my problem: MB seems to rescan folders that have been scanned already and were NOT changed. Each time I open any incarnation of MB (be it MB, soundbrowser, loopsbrowser or plugin preset lists from within a plug in) the scanner cube icon gets busy and MB takes several seconds until the results appear. This is (of course) totally independent from the option you mentioned.

Does nobody share my problem? Am I the only one whose MB is that slow at showing results?

How many items are in your results window if you set the filter to “all media” and what is the display limit set to?
If you have more than the limit set, then MB would have to go through some process every time in order to decide which ones to display.

The number of items depends on the folder or plugin preset list I am in. This can be 20 (ridiculous, isn’t it?) or 200 but never ever as much as my limit is: 10.000. I never search from a parent directory that has hundreds of thousands of entries. I am always browsing in the open file structure tree in more specific folders.

Thank you.

The MB should normally respond instantly to a selected audio file. There may be a little delay for very big files whose graphical waveform needs to be re-calculated but that`s it.

Have you ever tried using the MB with data from an external drive /different partitions only ?
Is there enough free space on your hard drive?

The MB works perfectly for me & is very helpful due to the fact that a major part of the stuff I do is based on samples.

Best wishes


There is no

:confused: There is no delay for me once an audio file is selected. This thread is about the delay when clicking on a scanned folder and having to wait seconds before the results appear.
So you call the preset list of any Cubase plug in and the results appear immediately like they would in finder/explorer? The scanner cube does not get busy? Same with folders in MB that contain, say 100 loops? For me these processes always take several seconds, whereas they shouldn’t becasue I scanned my whole drive. There is nearly 1TB left on this hard drive. It’s new, it’s 7200 rpm, S-ATA and workin great with anything else.


sorry, I got that wrong. Same type of hard drive here & I hate to say it, no delays when I select a folder, even when they`re packed with samples (e.g. selecting a main folder that also shows all the files in the subfolders).

Thank you. Well, that is interesting. I am clueless.

Wild guess here… Have you defragmented the hard drive lately?