Why is my Chord Track rendering instead of Create chords events?

Hi , today I try to get the chords from un audio file and after I create my Chord track I lift the audio track into the Chord track and…what’s happened ?..My chord track start to RENDER …my audio track and I get no chord tracks what so ever …I don’t understand why I get this error or I don’t know how to call it …Please if you have an unser for me ,this will be revelator.
Thank you …I have also a pic , but I don’t know how to attached that

What does the audio file contain, Is it a single instrument or a full mix ?

Just thinking that it’s not detecting the chords must be because it’s either too complicated or has too many elements in the audio perhaps.

Hi , no the track it self is doing something wrong …rendering instead of Create Chords Events …Yes is un audio track but is quite simple as un orchestration and straight forward on measures nothin complicated

If you drag audio in and it’s set to ‘musical mode’ Cubase will render it first, that’s normal as the audio may have time stretching applied so that needs to be rendered into the file that Chord track uses - so, turn off musical mode for that audio event to prevent that from happening.

In regards to having no chords showing, Have you tried trimming the audio file down and trying to read in a few bars? I’ve seen audio to chord track feature fail on long audio files (i.e. several minutes long).