Why is my Halion Sonic Se on Cubase 11 suddenly asking for a license?

I am so frustrated that I just feel like swearing!
I can’t believe after years using Cubase 11 the new stupid license manager is making me lose my patience.
After downloading and updating my cubase to the latest version of 11 pro Halion Se is suddenly saying that I don’t have a license. To make matters worst, I can’t find a solution online and when I log into steinberg to lodge a ticket it directs me to the Australian distributor? This is so wrong man, as if the Australian distributor would have any F idea of why on earth Halion is asking for a licence now. I’ve been a cubase user since Cubase 6.5 for crying gout loud

Furthermore on their licence manager says NO LICENSES FOUND, WtF?? how on earth is it possible???

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Could you attach screenshot of the exact message, please?

Cubase 11 doesn’t use that.

While your emotional reaction to this is important to you, there’s no information at all in your post that could help someone help you. so, at least