Why is my Yamaha KX49 not recognized in "Remote Devices"?

Ive done it before, in fact, if I boot into an older OS on a backup drive and load up Cubase, I can see my “Yamaha KX” listed under “Remote Devices”. Thats where I can adjust the transport and other button controls. I just reinstalled W7 on a new boot drive and had to reinstall EVERYTHING though.

Im 99% sure that the app “Extensions” is what allows them to see each other well enough. However, I’ve followed the install instructions to the T, and Cubase won’t see it anymore.

Sad…transport controls on my KX are inoperable at the moment :frowning:

Bump…KX still not visible. Have tried installing/uninstalling the drivers AND extensions in all kinds of orders.

Ironically…I couldn’t get the SKI extension to show up before, now I have that, but don’t have the KX controller :imp:

Thanks…if anyone can help :mrgreen: