Why is Note Expression Not Live/Not Real-Time and Monophonic Only

Hi Steinberg,

As I understand it, Note Expression was introduced in 2011.
This was after a 3 year gestation period of VST Expression that started in 2008.
Curiously, Audio Input into VST Instruments was also introduced in 2008 with the release of VST3.

Having explored Note Expression as a concept, I would like to ask a few genuine questions below:
What was the point of creating Note Expression if it cannot be used Live and if it is Monophonic Only??
Are there plans for Live Audio conversion into Note Expression and Polyphonic audio input support?? Is there a rough ETA for such plans??
What options are there presently for Live Audio conversion into Note Expression ??
There are some developments in Sidechaining/Audio-Ins. Does this mean Live conversion into Note Expression will become reality in the near future?

I do understand the value in pre-recorded/non-live usage, however, this value gets moot if no development towards Live use is taking place for a decade.
Hoping to entice Steinberg staff to answer these questions.