Why is Nuendo crashing every few minutes?

Nuendo 12 has been very stable, but it crashed twice in the past 2 days, while working on this project, and now crashes roughly every 5 minutes all day today.

DAW: Nuendo 12.0.70
OS: Win10 Pro
Mobo: ProArt X570
CPU: R9 5950X 16-core
ASIO Device: Marian Clara E 512x512 channel Dante PCIe

If I stop playback and walk away, it’ll still be there when I come back.
If I let it play or do anything, I only have about 5 minutes before I get the blue spinning wheel for a few seconds and then Nuendo closes.

I shutdown the PC and let Windows perform its updates, hoping that would solve the issue, but it did not.
Then I opened Steinberg Download Manager and updated to 12.0.70, hoping that it would solve some bug that could be to blame, but it didn’t help either.
There have been no new plugins added, new changes to the configuration, absolutely nothing new but the issue. If I can’t solve this tonight, I’ll have no choice but to wrap things up as well as I can 5 minutes at a time, hopefully print the tracks, and work in MixBus 32C until a solution comes along. If I have to do that, it will hold me back. Time is literally money in this business so I’m losing money no matter what until this is fixed.

Here’s the latest dump file if anyone knows what to do with it:
Nuendo 64bit 2023.10.3 (1.4 MB)

As you can see, issue continues in 12.0.70:
Nuendo 64bit 2023.10.3 (1.5 MB)

My guess would be that your session has become corrupted.

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I forgot to come back after I fixed it and I have don’t remember at all anymore.

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Not the case