Why is reason 5 lagging with cubase 6 and 7

Any idea why upon recording in Reason with Cubase Re-Wired as host Reason gets a major lag upon processing a recording?

They both work flawlessly stand-alone? Maybe the latency between the two?

I get a state of (not responding) with the cursor loading for a good 30 seconds…

Could it be the chipset of my 1394 not correctly working with the pair together?

I really don’t understand why they work ok stand-alone.

All we want is fluency in the DAW, I think it’s time I leave Asio behind and switch to Core Audio ;-/

I’m not sure what the problem is here, but the only thing I can put it down to is my dated motherboard.

Could it be the VIA chipset is not stable with the process I’m throwing at it?

Should I get a pci-e firewire card to run my Saffire 56?

Got it working together well by downloading Rreason 6.5 trial in 64bit and switching too Cubase 7 64 bit.

Am I right in thinkinging that 32 bit Cubase works in the same way as the operating system and can only acknowledge 4gb of the 16gb of RAM I have? That would explain the lag being gone now I’m using 64 bit versions of both software as Reason only just brought in 64 bit Re-Wire?