WHY is routing LFE signal to ATMOS Renderer so hard?

I don’t understand WHY it is so difficult to get an LFE signal to go into the renderer! ANY other source track will play through any other speaker. What’s so special about the LFE that you have to make up all of these work-arounds to get a signal in/out of a subwoofer?

I’m guessing that the idea is that objects are full-range so you wouldn’t think of them as having an ‘upper’ and ‘lower’ set of frequencies. And since that leaves the LFE as its own entity you’d really just access it through one of the beds.

What type of routing is it that you find troublesome?

The type where the LFE signal will not play through the renderer. Everything is lit except that. I can hear everything except that. I can solo everything and hear it except that.

Not sure your application, but FYI objects do not support the LFE.

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Yeah, I know and I finally figured out how to route the signal through the bed and make it show up in the renderer.

I just wondered WHY they made that ONE source so difficult to route.

The LFE really is a separate beast. I hope this helps. All About That LFE: Managing LFE for Atmos music - YouTube

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Because LFE and subwoofer are not the same thing. Your left stereo monitor takes the left stereo speaker channel, right rear height monitor takes the right rear height speaker channel, etc. and LFE gets the lows according to however you have it configured. Its not as simple as the other channels so… its not as simple.

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Not sitting in the studio at the moment and its intermittently shutdown for seemingly never-ending renovations (tuning a room flat prior to EQ with so many monitors requires an incredible amount of money and labor… who knew?lol); so Im trying to go off of a week or 2 old memory here but I believe I created a group channel and selected its output was “7.1.4” or Atmos out or somethingalong those lines> open the tab> The 12 channels are listed> choose LFE. I cant remember if there were more steps but I probably had to assign a bed I assume.
Not a complete answer but I hope it helps you get there if you havent already.

Correction. I just remembered. You have to create a 7.1.2 group. Not sure why it doesn’t work with a 7.1.4.

Atmos beds max out at 7.1.2