Why is "save as standard ( or default)" not working?

I want to save some settings ( no instrument shortcuts each row) as default, mark the setting and click on " save as standard". (In the english version it may be" save as default". )
When I open a xml file, all the instrument shortcuts are there, and I have to turn them off manually . Why isn’t this standard setting working?

XML files include some Layout information, and this is imported with the file, changing your Layout Options.
If you just press the button to Reset the document to your saved defaults (2nd from Left!), then you will have what you want.

You might also want to disable all kind of stuff from being imported in the first place, letting Dorico do its magic without all the clutter that comes with the MusicXML file.

See the “Import XML” section of the application preferences dialogue.

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Thanks, but why doesn’t the default setting work with the flow titles? I set the titles for the flows to “show never” as standard, but Dorico is just ignoring it. When I load a xml file, there is always a flow title. It can’t be written in the xml file, because there is nothing like flow title in it.

Are you talking about the Flow Headers at the start of each new flow or the flow title in the running header on each page?

When you open a MusicXML file, Dorico imports it into a factory-default project, which means it has the factory-default options, including the one for whether flow headings are visible or hidden.

Can I change the settings of the default project, and if yes, how?
IMO the standard settings, which you set in the layout setting, should overwrite the default project settings.

It doesn’t take a moment to go to Layout Options and Apply your defaults to the current project.

You can’t change the defaults that are used when opening a MusicXML file as a brand new project, no, but this is probably something we should change. I’ll make a note of this as something for us to think about in future.