Why is Steinberg support so BAD!!!!???

Why is Steinberg support so BAD??? :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

You realise the foum is NOT the official channel to request support??

The way you worded your post reminds me of the old Tonight Show.

Johnny Carson:
Why is Steinberg support so BAD???

Ed McMahon:
OK I’ll bite. Why IS Steinberg support so bad…??

Johnny Carson:

Ed Shaughnessy (drums):
‘Ba doom boom’

Or was yer question rhetorical? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I agree with this post. I’ve sent support tickets in to Steinberg several times this year regarding real issues I have and they have NEVER, and I mean NEVER replied. Totally disgusting.

I’ve never had to use Steinberg support :confused: .

Bad is relative.

It used to be relatively better with live phone support in the USA. I’m told there were too many “how to convert midi to audio” questions so now you have to email your issues.

Maybe when you put them in writing it makes you think harder about your question?

Maybe try emailing every other day?

They used to have phone support in the UK & it was great :slight_smile:

Geez louise.

That is not entirely true. If you contact the support regarding any iOS/Android app, you are directed to this forum. Unfortunately, Steinberg seemed to have neglected to inform the moderators about this support responsibility.

That’s all good and well. Unfortunately, not all Steinberg customers live in England. When I checked my own location, it turns out that I’m expected to make a very expensive international phone call to Germany. This is obviously completely out of the question.

Once upon a time, Steinberg had local distributors that handled the support. (And did a very good job of it!!!) But that was a long time ago, when Steinberg cared about their customers. For all intents and purposes, unless you are located in Germany, England or the US, there is no viable phone support, these days!


is indeed a valid question.

Fair enough SteveinChicago & thank you, I didnt know about that! I should have looked harder :slight_smile:

There is a specific team that moderates the mobile apps forum and provides support, so if they send you the Steiny forums, they must mean the particular subforum for the soft/hard-ware in question. But for Cubase and Nuendo what Grim said is certainly the case.

I was replying to the previous comment in the thread.

How much does it cost to call Germany from your location? I have a buddy in Sweden who calls Germany landline via Skype for, iirc, €.02 per minute. From France it’s a similar rate. (going by your name, which is famously Swedish, though you might certainly be anywhere in the world)

In any case no one in the thread has actually questioned whether Codsworth’s question was valid. But it does appear that he was missing a key bit of info.

To find out how to get tech support a person has to visit the support website and navigate to this page:

Also, I’ll move this thread to the Lounge…

And the answer is…??

Wait, you expect the people who ask the question to provide the answer? :confused:

You can count me in the field of those who are completely disappointed and dissatisfied with Steinberg’s customer service. And I’ve been a customer since Cubit on the Atari. Do they care that I’ve been giving them thousands of $$$ over almost three decades? Of course not, but I’m sure they’d love to PRETEND they do… Oh well, I guess I’ve instantly painted a big target on my head for the fanboys to tar and feather me…

I don’t worship corporations. They’re all out to take as much money out of your pockets and provide the cheapest and lousiest service they can get away with. And if someone once in a while gives you decent service, well, it’s THEIR JOB and that shouldn’t be seen as an exceptional event worthy of public praise. But then again, getting the customer used to low expectations is part of the corporate culture (especially in America, but then again Europe is quickly becoming our lapdog…), so that when something NORMAL happens, it’s seen as a spectacular story.

Still does not answer the question asked by the OP.

Why is Steinberg support so BAD???

There have been:

Some statements posted; yes.
Some additional questions asked; yes
Sme gentle rants; yes
Some answers to the question; no.

Gee, maybe because Steinberg should provide the answer to a question they’ve evaded for 30 years?

The question was not asked to Steiny.

The question was asked to us forum users and so far IMHO not answered
by any subsequent poster.

Hence a question to the OP in a part of my first post:

@Codsworth Or was yer question rhetorical?

But no answer to that question either.

And if the answer is yes; IMHO that makes this entire discussion moot.


The question was totally asked to Steinberg. I’m sure the OP was frustrated by the lack of response from Steinberg and tried to engage them here. To no avail, of course. What a surprise… And why should they? They have their fanboys who insult anyone who dares to say anything not entirely positive about the corporation. And if the guy insists, they will just ban him, like they’ve done a thousand times with just about anyone who dared to criticize them here.

I know it’s impossible for fanboys to see things from a different perspective. Like from that of someone who’s been wronged by the corporation they worship…

Possible but until the OP clarifies the original post, yer latest post is pure speculation.

Upon reading (and re-reading) that first post, I for one did not come to that same conclusion.

On a lighter note (Bb).
Steiny and Codsworth are probably sitting back and watching/reading as you and I
banter this ‘thang’ (questions about a question) back and forth. HA! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Have a good day mon ami.


Ididn’t realize they had a support phone line you could call. I thought that had all stopped & the only way to contact was on here or support email, and I hadnt had much luck with either, hence the frustration. But know I know they have a phone number
it’s all looking much better :slight_smile: So sorry Steinberg, my accusation was a bit OTT!
Onwards & upwards! :slight_smile:

I contacted support about 2 weeks ago via online support re an issue with Cubase LE and the Steinberg Hub. They replied within 24 hours with a solution to my issue.
Can’t complain they were very quick to respond to my issue.
Steinberg support is great!