Why is Steinberg support so GOOD!!!!???

Why is Steinberg support so GOOD??? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I have had nothing but good experiences with SB support. Both Chris and Jeff (no, not me :laughing: ) have been very knowledgeable and helpful over the years. Support tickets are ALWAYS responded to, and promptly. The one time they weren’t, there was some sort of glitch in the SB support system, and the team was apologetic and made efforts to fix the issue ASAP. Kudos to the SB support staff! :slight_smile:


Yes steinberg suport is good helpful with a couple of problems i had +1. Now support like avids one month free they you gotta pay is bad

My experience has been good too. :sunglasses:

been good with relevant issues.
have to be a bit patient at times,which is understandable, but generally not bad…

Never needed them, which is a GOOD thing :mrgreen:

I have had good experiences with Steinberg Support thus far. I have asked for help twice and received a response within one to two business days each time.

Over at NI, on the other hand, I have submitted support tickets three times and have NEVER heard a single whisper of a response on any of the issues.

George and Sebastian have both helped me greatly over the telephone with rectifying issues. A good experience all round in my opinion.

Same here! :smiley:

Needed them once, when I bought halion symphonic orchestra several years ago and one of the DVDs had a little bubble baked into the surface which made it unreadable to my DVD drive.
One email, no questions asked and a few days later I had a new DVD.

Apart from that nowadays their stuff works, so I don’t know, because … their stuff works! Does it echo in here or is it just me?

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yep, shamless copy and paste job! thanx for the typing! :laughing:

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