Why is Steinbergs Email Tech Support NOT REPLYING?

So I have TWO email support tickets open, 1 is 8 days old, the other 7 days old and they have not replied to either.

I am sorry but this is just NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

Had a look on thier website, no email adderess to complain, no email address to send a legal letter - what the hell are they playing at?

Since the company was sold it has gone completely down hill and I am ANGRY AS HELL.

They took my money but the product has more bugs that a pile of animal poo, they ignore support requests and point users to this forum instead of actually supporting thier own product - in the UK that is not only illegal but down right shoddy.

UK law provides that anything sold online, including digitital downloads MUST be fit for purpose and free of ANY defects which we all know Cubase 12 is not.

This farce has gone on long enough.

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I put a ticket in a couple of months ago and nothing another well over a year ago --NOTHING!
It seems to me that the guys on the forum are connected with support.
To me a forum should be for general banter an support should be what the name suggests.
I must admit you do get responses from developers and tech guys in this forum.
So the big question is - “why does support never answer people” .
I think they are in this forum myself.
This forum to me is really about troubles and tech stuff and you will be smacked on the wrist if you go slightly off subject or you will be diverted.
To me this forum is a little over moderated, but you are on the button , what is Support and what do they do apart from not answering a ticket.

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Just as bad, the mods and Steinberg employees will decide when they don’t want to reply to standard questions, like, “where are the current C12 install instructions?”.

I know, it’s a crazy question that doesn’t deserve an answer, after all the install procedure went so perfectly for everybody (:upside_down_face::smile:), but still!!

I recently had the same experience. I created a support ticket on 18 November 23 after receiving notification that 2 of my products have not been verified and would soon expire. Steinberg Technical Support have still made no attempt to reply, yet alone offer assistance. I have resolved the issue but only with the assistance of an unofficial tech guru via a facebook forum and it did cost me.

I asked about this topic in a Cubase forum in Facebook. A few people communicated that there’s no point in emailing tech support. They said you have to call instead.

If that’s the case, at the very least, Steinberg needs to remove the option to email tech support. At least offer clarity on what the options are.

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I have had nothing but excellent, prompt, and thorough advice from Steinberg Tech Support.

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I opened a ticket 5 years ago, still waiting for a reply.

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