Why is that exporting when the arranger track is enabled has been broken for at least 10 versions?

Hello, I am not sure if steinberg devs are around here or not, but just in case, I am a Cubase Pro user and I have a simple question:

Why is that when using the arranger track and having an active arrangement, using the audio mixdown feature results in absolutely unpredictable results?
I use the arrangement track a lot, i realize im on a very tiny minority, but why not just disable the feature if there are no plans to fix it ? or even better, why cant you guys just fix it and make a customer happy ?
I haven’t yet upgraded to 10, but i assume its still broken? please correct me if i am wrong.

You probably need to ‘Flatten’ the arranger track prior to trying to mix anything down. Or just disable the arranger track first.
This Thread should probably be over on the ‘Issues’ section of this forum.

The thing that trips up some folk, is making sure the L+R Locators are set correctly before running an export. It might be your case too.?

Have a read through this thread to see what I’m on about, and if it applies:-


Hi Puma0382, yes, i know all of the possible “workarounds”, but thats exactly my definition of “broken”.

I don’t understand why they just can not fix such a simple thing. :confused:

And btw, i agree that i should have posted this on the issues section… maybe some mod can move it ? Thanks.

It’s not an issue, it’s by design.
Poor design one could argue.
Should not be a colossal undertaking to change, or give us a flatten, mixdown, undo flatten option

It would be great if there was an option in the Audio Mixdown dialog window to choose “Arranger Chain” for export :bulb: .

So you would then be able to choose between:

  • Locators
  • Cycle markers
  • Arranger Chain (active one, or even better freely choose between different chains directly).

Flattening the project should not be needed if you just want an audio export for the arrangement, nor any workarounds or manual locator calculations etc.

+1 - I’m with you on your points here (workflow, workflow, workflow.!)

I badly, badly need a method to export loops from the arranger track, that would be awesome for performing. I could simply create drum / backing vocal loops for each part of the arrangement. I think there is probably a way to convert them to cycle markers, but I have never used them because the arranger track is so much more easy for dealing with “blocks”.