Why is the Cubase 7 Issue Reports forum 'locked'?

Hi thinkingMusic,

Sorry I don’t know the answer to your issue (from your other post) but I’ll just list a few things to think about that might help. But search the forum for more ideas. Similar CB exit issues have plagued many a Cubase user. So you will be the hero if you figure it out. Good luck :wink:

This link lists some of the ideas/thoughts I list below:

  • Is windows up to date with the latest from MS?
  • Is the Cubase program and other VST plug-ins that have a stand alone program set to run as administrator?
  • I see in the forums something about a nvidia graphics driver causing issues. Search for that.
  • Try shutting off the Steinberg hub.
  • Adjust your usb devices to “never sleep” in the windows power scheme.

I dunno… again, just some ideas.

Regards :sunglasses: