Why is the E Licenser such a pain?

It never fails, any time I make any changes or additions to my computer system Cubase will no longer work. All I did was add an addition monitor to my computer and the E licenser comes up with the message " no valid license found" even though it shows it in the list…and there is nothing I can do that will fix the problem. I’ve read through the help section hundreds of times and done everything they suggest but alas, no cigar! This also occasionally happens when windows does an required update.

Anybody have any suggestions on how to get me up and running again I would sure appreciate it.


As you might know, Steinberg is not using eLicenser anymore for the new products.

Are you talking about Soft- or USB-eLicenser?

It uses the soft license system. Yes I know Steinberg is no longer using eLicenser but that doesn’t affect me as I am using version 9.5 which still does. Now if they have come up with a patch that disables it and allows the program to run without it then that is something I don’t know about and I’m all ears! As far as the new programs go, according to the spec requirements, they exceed the ability to run on my current system and I am not interested in upgrading as my setup runs flawlessly and does everything I need for me…except for the elicenser issue…
What bothers me about this situation is Steinberg’s decision to stop all support for older versions, some of which are NOT that old. If they are so quick to do that then how long will it be before they stop supporting the elicense system which will leave us all dead in the water if it crashes. It’s a pretty poor business strategy to force into buying upgrades when what they have may work perfectly for them. But I get it, they are in the business to sell programs and if no one is upgrading they’re not making the money.

Thanks for your quick response. I was able to FINALLY get the elicenser to repair the issue and I am up and running again.