Why is the effect less effectful when used as a send?

I have created an FX channel with a delay, but when adding it in my send chain, it does only a little effect to the sound. Only when turning the mix knob to 100%, I get a little effect. I tried adding the effect directly to the group as an insert, and here the delay effect is way more powerful. Why is it different? Am I doing something wrong?

on FX Channel effect must be 100% wet.

Because on an insert you get only the signal output by the FX itself, as a send, you get the original signal plus the FX signal which is then still dependant on the send amount.

I am trying to understand, but not sure of, why the delay effect is almost not hearable. how does the FX signal influence the effect amount? Maybe adding two delay effects will help, but seems wrong…

Open the delay plugin and set the mix level to 100%. Open the channel settings for your send (the “e” button on the mixer or track list) and make sure the volume fader is set to 0dB, then adjust the send level of every channel that’s routed to this send. You can do the later by using the Sends menu of each track on the track list or by opening the Sends rack on the mixer.

ok… If I turn off all send effects on the group channel and only leave the delay effect active, its effect is way more powerful compared to, when all send effects are active. why is that? Does it matter what order the send effects are set up?

I use prefade when I use sends a ton… I can never get the clarity I need if not.