Why is the flow title not populating?

I’m a noob at trying to do page setups… I’m working on a lesson sheet… and not clear to me why I can’t get the flow title to populate in the text box? Seems like there needs to be some way to link the text box to the music frame?

That token refers to the flow title, which is the field in Project Info – the cards in Setup mode show the flow name (which can be different - say you had 3 versions of the same piece that you wanted to rename the ‘working titles’ for but didn’t want to change the “official title” that appears in the music).

On a side note, are you drawing in text frames for flow titles manually? You can use flow headings for that if you want? You can control the gaps above/below flow headings (including on individual pages) and change their formatting – the text doesn’t have to be large and centered, it could be smaller and left-aligned. You can do that by editing the flow heading and/or editing the corresponding paragraph style (which by default is the Flow Title style, I believe).

yes, I’m drawing the frame manually. I do have a flow heading setup, but even though the option Show Flow Headings for All Flows set, no headings appear (? :man_shrugging:)

I think that’s because your page is already overridden.

sure… when I un-overrode it… the text I had added to the page gets wiped out w/o warning. I wasn’t too happy about that. I didn’t realize it right away… so undo wasn’t really an option.

How do I have the best of both worlds? Flows with titles, AND sections w/ additional text/notes below?

Either override pages once everything else is set up how you want, or create your own custom page templates with the necessary frames set up that you can then apply to whichever pages need it.

A page override essentially locks a page at a certain time: freezes it as it was at the moment you overrode it. This can be a handy way of quickly getting a certain result, you just need to know that’s what you’re doing and understand the implications.

I’d also recommend keeping as much info in e.g. Project Info as is sensible/practical to do, rather than exclusively in a text frame, especially if that text frame only exists as a local page override. It just gives you another level of easy-replaceability should you need to rework a page etc.

Hmm… thx for all the suggestions… but I’m lost. I understand conceptually… but in this case, I want to add a space for text/notes after each flow… so it doesn’t conceptually to me seem like there is a way to do this in a page template. E.g., assuming a page template applies to a page and doesn’t afford a way to define space after a flow to leave (variable) space for such notes.

It wouldn’t be variable, but you could have e.g. a page template where the music frame stops 2/3 of the way down the page, with the bottom third occupied by a text frame.

You could override the exact height of these frames on individual pages, or just align text vertically at the bottom so it doesn’t always reach the top of the frame, depending on how much text is in it. But here, even if you later needed to remove overrides and “start from scratch”, the baseline is still a page that’s mostly what you need.

For only showing the flows you want on a single page, you can force flows into the next frame etc – those options work whether they’re on a “default”-ly laid out page or on a custom page template.

(You could also build in a text frame for this purpose into a custom, separate flow heading template but due to the way flow tokens resolve, by referring to the next flow below them, you might need to include the “footer” info on the page in Project Info for the following flow, which is not the tidiest way to handle information!)

Ah, ok… I tinkered a bit more and got what I want… at least for now. I’m sure I’ll find something I want to change and will be two steps forward / one back… but it’s all a learning experience!

Thanks again for your help!