Why is the full score chord symbol NC in transposing part?

The C7 in the concert full score is appearing as N.C. in the transposing part.

Why is this?

Setup is as follows:

Problem project (don’t seem to be able to upload it from iPad)

Full score here as I don’t seem to be able to upload project file:

I would need to see the project to be able to give any further guidance here. On the face of it, it doesn’t happen with a trivial project I’ve just cooked up.

Thanks @dspreadbury. It works fine after I export it to iCloud and open it on MacOS.

But I’ve tried several projects on iPad and the N.C. “transposition” is consistent there.
transposing chord symbols-2021-09-19-144229.dorico (442.7 KB)

I have a feeling this may be due to some work-in-progress that shouldn’t have made its way into the iPad version. Sorry about that! This should be resolved in the next update, but until then you might find that the appearance of chord symbols in transposing instruments in a transposed layout is incorrect.

Anything more specific you can point me to as a workaround?

Is it because I am using the Chord Symbol Engraving appearance I configured in Dorico MacOS?

Unfortunately I don’t think there will be a workaround for this at the moment.

Until it’s fixed, there’s always the text popover option.

OK I’ll do this one on the Mac. Thanks for such rapid response @dspreadbury

Still a bit puzzled as to why Safari on iPad will not allow me to upload a Dorico project to this forum whilst Safari on MacOS will.

Something to do with Mime types? Anyway … inconsistent.

This is the only real issue that is hindering my current project. It’s just becoming more inconvenient. I’m pretty sure this is a regression from v 1.1
Anyway, any score I am importing from Dorico for MacOS to edit on the iPad has its chord symbols transposed to N.C. and in my current situation, finding occasions to work on the desktop is quite difficult in practice.

Sorry to moan!

You’re very welcome to moan. I’m sorry that it’s inconveniencing you. It will be fixed in the next update, but the current plan is that the next version of Dorico for iPad will be timed with the Dorico 4 release, so you have a while to wait.

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OK I can wait.

I’m sure the quality of the combined releases will be worth waiting for. I know everyone’s always in a hurry, but decent software takes as long as it takes to get right.

Having said that … I can’t wait :exploding_head: :exclamation:

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Glad to hear that. I’m having the same problem as @iainH

Fixed in Dorico for iPad 2.0.0 … wonderful! iPad 120% more useful for my current project. Thanks guys!