Why is the MIDI editor only showing 1 lane?

I started to experiment with orchestral stuff and keyswitches today. I recorded melody on one lane and added articulations on second lane. I’m not sure this is normal but double clicking on the main part at track level opens the editor but only shows me the latest lane. I was expecting to see ALL lanes appear in the editor. Only way I can get both lanes to show at once is to highlight both of them manually. Shouldn’t double-clicking the top level part open everything in the lanes inside the editor?

No. The Key Editor shows what is selected in the project zone (or the latest selected MIDI part(s)).
The “Edit Active Part Only” option lets you edit all events in the selected parts OR only the events from the active part. A part becomes active when you select an event inside it.
Hope it’s clear.

Hmm, ok. I’m a bit surprised that this is the way it’s designed. I would have expected all midi lanes for the particular instrument to show up if the part sitting on the main track level was double-clicked. For example, if all midi lanes were collapsed, double-clicking the top part would be a handy way to quickly see all the various lanes’ content in the editor.

Anyway, I think I’ll use expression maps and the articulation lane instead - that way I don’t have to select multiple lanes to see the keyswitches underneath or above the notes when I want to edit.