Why is the piano sound brigher than before


For a long time ago when i used the sound card RME hammerfall dsp 9632 and had Cuase SX and Ivory VST then i was satisfied with the piano sound. But now when i have a new computer with RME hammerfall dsp AIO and Cubase 6 and still the same piano plug Ivory VST the piano sound sounds brighter speicially the tone C but all tones sounds brighter and i dont like it. I think that the old sound with the older sound card and the stuff i had for a long time ago sounds darker than the piano sound i have now and i like the darker piano sound i had before compared to the piano sound i have now that sounds too bright i think. Can someone tell why the piano sound is brighter now than before. Is it the new sound card that does the brighter sound or is it the new Cubase version or is it that i have Ivory VST which is a 32 bit plug that i run under Cubase which is a 64 bit program or what is it. Can someone please tell me what it is.

Why don’t you simply eq it the way you want it to be?

Plus your new hardware could have a worse THD + N which
also could be a cause for a brighter sounding signal.
But I don’t expect that to be 'cause everything would sound
differently then. Maybe it is Cubase. Do you work with other samplerates
and bitdepth than in the past?