Why is the upgrade price the same

I have posted this before but I can only assume it never worked, I hope were not back to people arbitarily deleting posts.

I asked why the upgrade price from both Wavelab 6 and Wavelab Studio 6 was 82 GBP, when Studio 6 was less than half the price of Wavelab 6. I thought this may be an error as that would make it cheaper to buy a copy of Wavelab Studio 6 and the upgrade than buying Wavelab 7.

I can see no reason why this post would have been deleted, so it looks like a forum problem.

no one can delete a post but an Admin, and yes, it’s much cheaper to buy a copy of WL6Studio to upgrade, but you have to be very, very lucky to find one!

Hmm, at the bottom of the page it says I can delete my posts…

well, thank you Paul, maybe I’m wrong, I thought he meant that.

Just for clarification, I posted and I was sure it was OK, but when I returned a few hours later, there it was…GONE.

There have been a few problems with the new forum I believe so I shall put it down to that. It certainly seems to be surviving this time.

You are totally welcome!

I believe it was done as a courtesy to WL Studio users, since WL7 has no ‘inbetween’ version like WL6: WL6 Essentials - Studio - Full, against WL7 Elements - Full. Also I thought this was a temporary offer… The info should still be somewhere in the old forum…

Luck, Arjan

I see, I thought WL7 Elements was the equivalent of Studio. You live and learn.