Why is the vertical position of the rest on the bottom staff moved to the top after cross-staffing?

Hello everyone,

The following is the score before cross-staffing:
Screenshot 2024-06-24 at 10.23.06

And this is what you get after:
Screenshot 2024-06-24 at 10.23.56

Why does the vertical position of the rest on the bottom staff move up after cross-staffing?
How can I avoid this?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @prko , I tried but the rest is positioned correctly in my test. Can you share a cut-off Dorico file that shows the issue?

Hi @Christian_R!
Thank you for your time!
It is strange. Here is the file:
Untitled Project 1.dorico (606.8 KB)

Hi @prko , strange, in your file I don’t have the issue you described. I made the cross staff, and adjusted the length of the 15, re-beamed and re-slurred. The rests are placed where expected:


Here also the Dorico file with the mentioned adjustments. See if now shows correctly in your system:
cross stave without issue.dorico (936.1 KB)

Thank you for this.
With your file, I no longer have this problem.
It is really strange…

Maybe three are some different voice issues in the original, or other settings or something hidden/forced that were not inherited by the cut-out sample that you have sent me?
If you like, you can send me (also as message) the original full Dorico file, and I have a look…

The problem is still there in the file I uploaded on my end. In the file you uploaded, the problem is solved…

mhhh, strange indeed. To be sure: the file that you posted looked like this as I opened the first time (before I made the mentioned changes): does it look like this on your system?:

Testing more I saw that all your rests are explicit rests. Did you wrote them all explicitly or forced their position? Making the culprit 16th rest implicit (deleting its explicit substitute), it jumps indeed on the wrong side…(I search more…)…

Anyway you can force the position to -6 and will look good, in case in your original you cannot have it positioned automatically as desired:

all explicit rests deleted and making adjustments only to a couple of rests (the black ones)

Yes, I forced the position to -6 to solve the problem.

Hi, I think I should file a bug report about this. How can I do this? I cannot find a proper way.

You don’t need to report anything. All the relevant people read the posts here and make note of anything relevant.

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What I discovered is as follows: If the crossed note, which belongs to the upper staff but appears on the lower staff, is placed below the third line on the lower staff, the rest, which belongs to the lower staff and is therefore expected to be placed below the crossed note, is placed above the crossed note at the same rhythmic position of the note.


In cases where you need to cross-staff notes to the staff below, I have found that it can be a good idea to put the notes of the lower staff in a down-stem voice. Just try it, in your case this would put the rests where you expect them to be (you should of course remove the forced position of the rests first).
rest position cross staff


Thank you for this! It helps my work flow!