Why is there a Gray Colored Line on SOME Tracks?

Hi, I searched thru the help manual to find out what could be causing this but didn’t find anything. So I’m posting here hoping someone can tell me why SOME tracks have what appears to be a gray colored line, and not others. It appears in Project window AND in Mixing Console. I can’t wait to find out what is causing this! (I added yellow arrows to show what I mean)

this indicates the channels controlled by a hardware controller
8 channels mapped to the channels of he controller

This is present even if the controller is not connected but still configured.

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This continuous (if you squint a bit and put your imagination to it) line shows the bank of 8 channels currently controlled by a generic remote control.

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Wow I would have never guessed! So, is this something I set up myself and don’t remember doing? My only controller is the NI Komplete Kontrol S88. Does this mean I mapped something to it? Like MIDI Learn specifically for these tracks? Also, is it always 8 channels? It’s possible this comes from a template I downloaded from a YouTuber… I dont recall.
A bit more clarification would be appreciated so I can figure out if I need to have things set up this way or not.

I have these setup… any of this related?


Picture 1: This shows that your complete Control is setup as a Remote Device, speaking through those MIDI Inputs and Outputs shown on the top right. It controls the stuff shown in the table.

I am not familiar with the Komplete Kontrol series and their capabilities, so I don’t know if the line (that shows beneath the channels) is meaningful or not in your case. If you had 8 faders for example, those would always control the 8 “underlined” channels, irrespective of channel selection. Then you would “bank right”, and control the next 8 with those same faders on your keyboard, etc etc…

Picture 2: Track Quick Controls are set to “Not Connected” so I expect the assignments of the table not to work.

You could always manually create a “Generic Remote Control” from the “Add Device” button on the top left and assign any function to any key (or pot) of your keyboard. However, as I said, I am not familiar with Komplete Kontrol, and whether this would be an improvement or a hindrance. I’m in the “if it’s not broken don’t fix it” camp.

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Komplete Kontrol S-88 indeed has 8 encoders…
these can control some channel parameters if not controlling VSTi parameters

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OK thanks guys - you put me on the right track. I indeed have 8 knobs on the S88 which can control the faders when I set the S88 to MIXER mode. Using the right/left arrow keys, I can navigate to the next/previous 8 tracks/channels. The track names shown on the S88 match what I’m seeing in Cubase and this shows even if I disconnect the input to Komplete Kontrol in the Studio Setup. The gray lines still show but can no longer be controlled.

I can see the use now of having a visual indicator inside Cubase - however, I would like to know if this is something that can be hidden? I don’t see a Preference I can set. Feature Request?

Indeed, there is no way that I know of to disable this visual feedback.

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