Why is there an echo on my vocal?

Hi folks. I’ve a problem when I open up a new audio track, in that it has a long echo on it that I didn’t put there!
I’ve opened several audio tracks and the same thing is happening.
Help! Richie


Make sure, you don’t use Direct Monitoring on your Audio Device, which would be mixed to the delayed signal from Cubase.

How do you add the track? Do you use any project template? Or do you use any track preset? Or do you create an empty Audio track?

Hi Martin, I’m using a second gen Focusrite 2i2 and I keep the direct monitoring set to “off”.
I’ve tried changing other settings as well, but nothing helps.
I create my audio tracks from the basic “add audio track” selection and before I add any effect at all it has an echo of about five repeats.

Hi, did you happen to use one of the pre-fab templates from the hub, by any chance?

No, I used a blank project.



If you record the vocal and export it, is the echo present in the result wav file, please?

Hi Martin. Yes, I exported the vocal and it still had the echo on it. Does that mean that its not the audio interface?


Exactly. It must be in the project.

Would you be willing to share the project, please? Just one vocal track; I thing the audio file is not even necessary, I will just put any audio file to the track.

Hi again.
I just opened up a new project, created an audio track, and made sure direct monitoring was switched off.
There was no echo!
I don’t know what I’m doing wrong in the other project, but I’ve obviously set something that shouldn’t be set! I’ll try and compare the two and see what I can find. In the meantime, how do I share the project with you?
Thanks, Richie

You may have an echo effect on the master channel in the project that is misbehaving perhaps?

Hi skijumptoes. I checked for an echo on the master or any other channel, but found nothing.
Don’t know what the problem was but I’ve just created a new project and copied any Midi I need over to it. I’ll re-record the audio. Thankfully its not a huge project and I can save most of it.
Thanks to you all for the suggestions, I suppose it was just one of those glitch things that happen every now and then!