Why is there no icon logo for Spectralayers project files?

As the title says, why is there no logo icon for .slp files?

I am on windows 11 and I always do my best to keep up with the latest drivers. Is this a windows 11 issue?

The reason why I ask is because I deal with a lot of various files within folders and easily become confused as which file is what when selecting or looking for specific files. Other file types (such as .flp .mp4 .wav) each have their own icon logo yet .slp is blank white within windows 11.

Can you open the registry editor (Win +R, regedit) and check that the following keys exist and contain values ?


Only .slp appears in the folder path (as you specified)

Spectralayers does appear but it is in this exact folder path (see below)


It(Spectralayers Reg folder path you specified) does not appear under the “Classes” section.

When I click on the first folder path you specified it says “(Default) REG_SZ (value not set)”

When I click on the Steinberg Spectralayers folder path it gives 5 different registries. (See Attached Picture)

Extract the following file and double-click the reg file, this should add the missing keys in your registry:
sl-fileassociation.zip (471 Bytes)