why is there no way to permanently "save as default" the setting to "never" show flow headings?

When I try and “save default” in the attached image, it’s impossible. Therefore (since I don’t have a need to show Flow Headings as I’m only using a single flow), I’m forced to manually change this setting with each new Dorico Project. Is there any way to “permanently” turn this off?:

Thanks for any help -

  • D.D.

The bottom section, where “Save as Default” is, has a dropdown for Layout type, which is set to either Score or Part. If you select a combination of part layouts OR score layouts, but not a mix of both, then set the dropdown in the bottom left corner to the correct Layout type, the “Save as Default” button should become clickable.

P.S. Note that when you Save as Default, it doesn’t only save the one thing you’ve just changed; it saves ALL of the Layout Options for that part. If there are currently differences between some of the Layout Options for the multiple layouts you’ve selected, Dorico won’t let you Save as Default, because it doesn’t know which Layout Options to save. Get one part layout set up correctly, then Save as Default. You can then restore all the others to your new defaults if you so wish.