Why is this simple unit so expensive?

Hi Steinberg!

I’m wondering since this unit offers very little true change and its almost like 10 years old, etc. Why is it still so expensive? Isn’t it by time to lower its price quite a fair amount? Like half it at least… It goes for like 400 Euro as of now, that’s almost as expensive as Cubase Pro 10 that goes for about 550 Euro. And it has many counterpartsm like the Presonus Faderport (different versions) that goes for like 200 Euros…

//Many regards from Robin Gardner in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. The BIGGER question is why is this unit NOT PROPERLY SUPPORTED with updates, improved features, user requests etc.

  2. It is WAY overpriced for what it does

  3. I wouldn’t buy one now

All of that is true. However, I still really like mine. I’m on C8 and I love it. Yes, it could be better supported. Is still a great single channel controller.


I agree it should be updated and cheaper, but I do love mine…

I love mine too. Though I would love it lots more if the LED’s could be dimmed!

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They should make a higher quality 2020 control for less.


It’s bizarre how little in the way of controllres there are. I’ve been looking at the Icon Nano One as a replacement due to the cost of the CC121 which I’d obviously prefer. I hear PreSonus has many a issue with Cubase.

Basically the CC121 is a good controller and works well, it is well build.
The Cubase control you have is very ok.
The other side steiny (to my offense) has lost touch with it.
And does not do any good updates and does not listen to users in this forum that much.
Hope it will be better to listen to users and solve their needs.
I can say it is not the hardware. That is very good.

It would be good if Steiny just released a new controller with a lot more stuff on it and actually supported it…


The “actually supported it” bit is why so many of us won’t go anywhere near Steinberg hardware. Too many of their lines get little to no forum support or dropped entirely. Something many of us were hoping would be the reverse when Yamaha took the reigns.

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I don’t understand why now with 10.5 it doesn’t work. Up to Cubase 10 it was absolutely fine. I feel like they must have gone out of their way to make it not work. Whats the big conflict?
I have to say I’ve been using the cc121 so many years I can’t not press the buttons expecting something to happen, and obviously nothing does happen.

Hopefully it’ll be sorted by March.

Works fine for me on 10.5. Make sure you re-input the settings as updates of Cubase lose them!

We’ll release an update for better Cubase 10.5 and Catalina compatibility later this month.

Thanks, those are great news. While you are at it, it would be also very nice if you could add a shortcut or mode to control the Low Pass, High Pass and Pre Gain EQ with the unit.

Not sure if this will be part of the update as I haven’t received the update yet.

Maybe its expensive and outdated, but still it do its job very well. Nobody is forced to buy it and there is lot of cheap MCU protocol supported devices with similar functionality (except AI button). Looking forward to fw update.

  • You can make QC presset and use CC121 preset to controll it - It works very well, only phase switch is not possible to be controll any way externaly :frowning:

It was the same thing with N8 and N12 ten years ago, Steinberg basically ripped people off.

Works the same as always with Cubase 10.5.